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The breed of cats coming from far Siberia -
the land famous for its harsh winters and difficult climatic conditions.
Due to the specificity of that area, man hasn’t had in fact any influence
on appearance of this breed - it appeared in a very natural way
and completely according to the rules of nature. 
Thanks to the fact that this breed came to existence without 
any human interference it has still many positive features
of its ancestors – the Siberian cats are resistant to diseases,
they are intelligent and easily adapt to new living conditions
including people’s flats.


The Siberian cats have got half-long fur and they are big, muscular and strong.
Female cats weigh from 4 to 6 kilos and tomcats from 8 to10 kilos.
They have got big, strong paws with very specific tufts between their pads. 
Their round head is of medium size with big ears from within of which grow specific tufts.
Their eyes are big and occur in many colours and their tail is long and fluffy.
These cats appear in many tones of a colour including Siamese cats colouring. 
Their fur does not need lots of beauty treatment.
We should brush them only before the shows and during the moulting periods.
There is a hypothesis, that Siberian cats do not cause any allergic reactions.
Maybe it is due to their characteristic fur that some call “hypo-allergic.”
Although there have not been found any scientific proves to ground this hypothesis,
it may still be worth checking. If you only like cats and you would
like to have one or more at your home but, unfortunately, you suffer
from any kind of allergy, you should visit a person who has a Siberian cat
or a couple of them and test yourself for a possible allergy to these cats.


Beautiful looks of these cats is not their only positive point. 
They have got an exceptional character and usually big temperament and intelligence.
They are sensitive, curious and easily adept to new living conditions and endure 
long journeys without big problems.
The Siberian cats are usually very talkative and they adore communicating
their master in their voice.
And yet they are not intrusive. The Siberian cats are friendly and loyal.
Because they are curious, they often follow their master all over the house
in order not to miss anything interesting.
There is no problem with taking such a friend on holiday together with you. 
They are not aggressive or naughty and they have not destructive behaviour.
They quickly learn how to be clean and follow family rules.
They willingly stay in cats’ groups but they also get on well with other
animals like dogs. They are very suitable companions for children 
and they patiently bear all their caresses. 
They like being in the company of people and they need to contact them quite often.

Europea Champion - Azja Perła Północy*PL (Asia Northern Pearl*PL) – Siberian tomcat
sire colour: black tabby tigerish

I am a handsome Siberian tomcat. I was born on 27.03.2004. 
I have lived in Olsztyn since 7 July 2004.
Because all at home know who is in charge I do not need to use my claws.
I have a lot to say and I always put in a word here and there.
If anybody in the family is in need, I always gladly make company and help eagerly. 
My life credo is: "If anything goes wrong - you should close your eyes." 
." I have a gentle nature and I am very popular with female cats.
I am 100% effective ;-). I will pass excellent genes to my offspring.
My children will surely win at any international cat shows.  
All female cats are welcome!
Asian pedigree (pdf)

International Champion - Basala – Siberian female cat - colour: black tortoiseshell tabby spotted

I am persistent and decisive female cat. I was born on 21.04.2004 . 
I came to Olsztyn from as far as Łódz on 26 September 2004.
I am very cautious and I value my „independence” very much but when
I want I can be very sweet. I have learnt how to open the door by jumping on the door handle.
I take good care of myself and I do not allow just anybody to touch my beautiful fur.
My life credo: "If anything goes wrong – you should run away."
Balaski pedigree (pdf)

Dziunia Pietrusińska – Siberian female cat - colour: ginger

My name is Dziunia and anything concerning cats is not strange to me.
My activity and agility make my masters’ lives a misery.
According to the motto that "a moment without movement is a lost moment"
I am doing my best to learn about the world that surrounds me. 
I seldom have time to go to sleep but if I manage to find it, 
I like to cuddle up to something or somebody warm and fall sound asleep. 
My life credo: “If anything goes wrong – you should bristle up your back”

Olimpia from Saska Kępa*PL – Siberian female cat - colour: black silvery spotted

I am new in the society but there is a lot of me everywhere. Together with Dziunia
we play hide and seek, tig or hare and hounds. I always greet my new masters with 
an exceptional timbre of my voice or, under certain circumstances, I lick their noses
with my rough tongue.  My favourite lair is the cover plate of the aquarium, where
I can fall sound asleep. My life credo: "If anything goes wrong – you should wait."

Bunia – probably:) Persian chocolate female cat - colour: black

I am not a pure-bred female cat, nevertheless I do not lack any grace or style.
I am of calm nature and I like plunging into duvets, feather quilts and clothes.
I quite accidentally turned up at my present masters’ on 3 August 2005.
After some shocking experiences I desperately needed some calmness and quietness.  
I have finally fund them and now I am feeling better and better. 
I like spending my time in the balcony lying in the armchair very much.
I know my value and I do not have to be adored. 
My life credo: "If anything goes wrong – you should show your teeth and claws.”

Breeding of the Siberian cats from Warmia

Breeding cats „From Warmia” is the first breeding farm of the Siberian cats in 
the Region of Warmia and Masuria (Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship), Poland.
Our breeding farm of the cats has been registered in 2006 with Felis Polonia.
The cats from our breeding farm are carefully selected based on the conformity 
of the looks with the established norm and the character traits. The selection
is to increase the chances of obtaining the offspring having the best possible characteristics, 
reducing at the same time the possibility of appearance of any defects. At our cat breeding farm
we prefer big, strong cats that have traditional fur colouring: black, tortoiseshell and ginger;
classically striped and spotted. All cats at our breeding farm are healthy, vaccinated 
and have valid tests for FELV and FIV with negative result.

The main aim of our cat breeding farm is to ensure that the kittens born here
are as healthy and strong as possible. Our kittens are: without any worms, 
vaccinated (it is certified by an appropriate entry and vet’s stamp in the health
certificate – given to the kitten’s purchaser along with the kitten) and have pedigree.
Kittens can be given out (sold) just before they have finished the age of 12 weeks
because until then they should stay with their mother and siblings in order
to learn appropriate behaviour. 

Pedigree is the document certifying cat’s background and its breed. In this document there 
is written cat’s name, its breeding nickname as well as its birth date, colouring, names 
 nicknames of its parents and finally the surname and the address of the breeder.

Having in mind the fate of the Siberian cats from our breeding farm, we are trying to get 
to know better future purchaser of our cat. The decision about selling a chosen cat to
a concrete person can depend on many factors: the size of a purchaser’s flat, a number and kind
of other animals that are kept there as well as the capability of the new owner to provide 
a new household member with appropriate cat food, veterinary care, etc.
After selling of the cat, we keep in touch with the new owners of the cats, gladly offering
them any necessary advice, especially during the first couple of months.



To your consideration.........
The decision of taking a small kitten in and living together under one and the same roof
is an event which - to a large extent – will change the lives of the other household members.
This decision means that it may be more than ten years of dwelling together with a cat.
- you should take such decision deliberately. You must be aware that a cat is not a thing 
or a toy, but a new member of your family with its own rights. You must be sure you will 
have enough time for it and patience. If you are absolutely sure that this is so, then contact
our Master and she – along with a gorgeous kitten – will pass you all her knowledge about how
to live together and get on well with us (purr-purr).
koty syberyjskie
koty syberyjskie

sibirische katzen
sibirische katzen
siberian cats

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